The widespread use of the smart working model has profoundly changed our way of living and interacting with the home environment: it has transformed our homes into a work space that requires an ever-greater flexibility.

Makris has accepted this challenge by promoting a Design Workshop aimed at creating “an innovative lamp dedicated to home working, versatile enough for any environment and destined for mass consumption”.

The project has been developed in collaboration with, an international reference point for post-graduate training in Design at the Politecnico of Milan and the University of Tsukuba, in Japan. 

The workshop ended with an award for the SILENTE concept realized by Eugenia Aurora, Camilla Tomasetti, Taito Hasegawa e Erika Otake. A lamp with two different light sources: a soft ambient light and direct spot light. The lamp is also designed in two versions, ceiling and floor.

The pole of the floor lamp rests off-centre on the base, a reference to the animal standing on one leg. Formal coherence is also found in the angle that forms the ceiling of the lamp, which is taken up and enlarged on the element it supports.


The sphere inserted into the nylon cord serves to regulate the light intensity and to counterbalance, together with the weight of the pulley below, the weight of the lamp The pulley allows the rope to be shortened and lengthened at will.