A luminous structure in which light and darkness contrast and unite at the same time. In the upper body there is light, while in the monolithic, compact lower part, there is darkness from which light itself springs. Bea typifies a “well-thought-out simplicity” combined with great flexibility which makes it suited to every type of environment, from offices to homes.

A light geometrical luminaire created to generate continuous luminous shapes. The lighting body can create infinite linear or circular light structures, dialoguing constantly with the space where it is installed.

A pendant light which can be installed on its own or together with others to create spectacular compositions. The conical trunklike shape is reminiscent of a bell and its orientation suggests the idea of dynamism. Its large dimensions allow it to give unusual interpretations to domestic spaces but it is also perfectly suited to large public areas.

A pendant light with a linear shape which lights and generates a perfect atmosphere for every indoor space. Dart is available in a double version, with single or double output and can be customised with a wide range of possible colours.

A delicate name reminiscent of the purity of the table lamp’s form, portable and rechargeable. A tubular design, essential and discreet, perfect both for creating the atmosphere of a candle-lit dinner.

A linear clean pendant light with a perfect shape of pure light. Numa is a luminous, powerful and performing parallelepiped, perfect for indoor installations in work spaces and areas such as offices.

A parallelepiped-shaped suspension with a painted iron structure enhanced by one luminous surface, made of pmma. A clean, simple object with precise proportions that would bring out the three-dimensionality of the material rather than the light source An ethereal lamp with, at the same time, a high surface illuminating capacity. Light that furnishes spaces.

The result of the marriage of pure and beautiful shapes with new expressive languages, and is a flush-mounted solution, an icon expressed as an element of continuity between the constructed and natural worlds. A representation of organic design where structure, material and function are in perfect harmony, just as in our eco-system.