Design: Studio02MIlano

A parallelepiped-shaped suspension with a painted iron structure enhanced by a luminous surface, made of PMMA. The light source is located in the upper panel, a full-light panel, fully diffusing, in which the individual LEDs are not visible; the light is therefore diffused in two ways thanks to the nature of the other panels. The side panels, made with wave processing, act as a guide for the light flow generating a diffused light and inside the lamp, creating a lantern effect. The lower panel intead, in milky white PMMA, allows for the lamp’s functional lighting, putting light on the tables.

Memi is a lamp that was created with the aim of optimally illuminating the environment for which it was designed: a restaurant area. This is a project whose specific focus was creating the perfect light for the tables, thereby making the food the real protagonist.

Light that furnishes spaces. Memi is the synthesis between a lamp and a piece of furniture. Coming from a precise need and setting, it transforms into a functional and versatile device to illuminate residential spaces and hospitality venues.

A clean, simple object, with precise proportions that can bring out the three-dimensionality of the material rather than the light source. The practical outcome is a monolithic object with surfaces in transparent piped methacrylate that, as the light passes, give Memi an ethereal presence.

The materials are the constructive key of thought, as they are part of the object’s design.Makris then experimented with methacrylate, using different thicknesses, with different milling, maintaining the spherical part of the milling and leaving it satin with respect to the polished part, thus obtaining a central transparency and a satin milling.