Lilly’s dimensions have been deliberately studied to light up the surface correctly, in terms of distribution of the light, and to give back a feeling of comfort. Different to traditional rechargeable table lamps which concentrate all of the components on the higher emissive part, Lilly’s energy starts from the base where the rechargeable circuit is contained, and works its way up to the top where we find the LED source.

The light crosses a satin PMMA cylinder and is reflected down to diamond shaped housed refractor, placed at the top end of the cylinder itself and protected by a closure that seems to almost float into the air.

A delicate name reminiscent of the purity of the table lamp’s form, portable and rechargeable.
A tubular design, essential and discreet, perfect both for creating the atmosphere of a candle-lit dinner.

A reflection on the main qualities of a new type of table lamp that hasn’t been seen on the market before: an ethereal body, discreet and free from the need of a lamp-shade, that lights up becoming almost imperceivable to the eye.

Simple, dynamic and fun lamp; an extremely versatile object that creates light and ambiance in the corner of a living room, beside a reading armchair or in the bedroom, as well as in a reception space in a public area.

The new solution is also striking due to its versatility in the choice of colour and finishing. In particular, the coating of the cylinder can be personalised, for example, with the logo of the bar or the restaurant. Moreover, the base of the luminaire is equipped with a magnet which allows it to stay perfectly in place on a metal surface. For furniture or tables of a different material, like wood, a delicate support base made in the same colour scheme is available: an accessory that completes the lamp with elegance.

The real unique element is how it is turned on, which happens though movement: the lamp must be grasped and inclined, just like you would do with a magic wand. Lilly therefore introduces a sensorial dimension to the through interaction with the object itself, inverting the trend of switches controlled by touch or vocal commands. Lilly can run for around 7 hours until the LED starts to blink, indicating the need to recharge it. If many lamps are purchased, a single recharging hub can be used, housing 5 to 10 lamps at the same time with just one USB key.