dart number

Functional evolution of the dart to make the character of the check-out area distinctive, while enhancing the sign logo.


A lamp that communicates. This is the objective of Muster, designed for a service station with a restaurant.


A lighting concept dedicated to the Acqua & Sapone brand. Makris has designed a solution inspired by the brand that transmits a strong sense of identity, responding to the lighting needs of each store.


A complete lighting system responding to the needs of changing rooms, a strategic space for finalizing a sale. A focus on the quality of the light enhances the perception of colours and fabrics. The light distribution illuminates the silhouette uniformly without distortion.


A hanging lamp in two variations dedicated to lighting the Dentix welcome area.

hang up

A display unit that combines lighting elements with decorative elements. Available in three variations — floor, hanging, and wall mounted — to respond to every need.


A composition of fixtures that breathes life into a luminous cloud, designed to embellish the hall of a hotel.

font light

Bright letters: a font that becomes light to write by, to express thoughts, and release emotions.


A display unit that integrates lighting in its highest technological meaning, for a homogenous result that conveys lightness to the complexity of the whole.


The objective of this concept is to create a series of lamps for a hotel that reflect the same patterns in the upholstery fabric, the key player in the environments. In a search for balance between the best lighting and the faithful reproduction of the fabric, the material made the difference.