Design: Makris

An object that, even with an essential language, can also trigger a series of reflections rooted in the irony of contrasts. The choice and treatment of materials also emphasises the concepts’ ambiguity at their base: in Bell, wood and metal, two traditionally heavy materials, are worked into thin sheets coupled and curved to define a portion of space, leaving to the beholder the task of defining its real volume.

A versatile object with large dimensions dynamically furnishes large spaces with infinite compositions through essential language.

Bell came about with the intention of interpreting contrasts in an unexpected manner: stillness and movement. The orientation of the lamp suggests the idea of dynamism, while the large dimensions imply a strong personality.

A truncated conical shape that synthesises that of a bell, whose oscillation is captured in a precise frame. The snapshot of a movement.

Bell is a suspended luminaire that can be single or coupled, depending on the desired scenographic compositions.