Design: Andrea Benedetto

Bea is a sophisticated and essential suspension device that is compact and technologically advanced. The lamp is composed of two distinct elements: the lower part is an extruded aluminium body that accommodates the technological heart of the lamp: dark light optics and integrated drivers that provide for its dimming and tunable white.

The upper part, also tunable white and dimmable, represents the diffusive element of the lamp: in strong contrast with the dark lower part, the light that softens the environment is released, dressing it in a soft light and avoiding unpleasant luminance contrasts.

Bea is “thought-out simplicity” with great usage-flexibility. An object suitable for every environment, from the office to the home, where the relationship between design and technology is fundamental.

Two opposites unite. The luminous material, on the one hand, is the essence of the light’s presence, emerging from the centre. The lower body, in contrast, constitutes the absence, the darkness; monolithic and compact, preserving the technological heart of the lamp.

A refined and compact suspension. A mirrored B that finds in its reflection an E linked with an A. The result is Bea, two opposites that attract an object, fitting discreetly into space.

Dark light and backward optics allow glare to be eliminated on the visual task, transforming Bea into an object that lives of both its presence and its absence.