The best innovation of the Imoon brand fuses with the freedom to create new Makris shapes, to give light to brand new solutions which transform ideas into concrete projects. Originality, the desire to be inspired, without limits or conventions: each bespoke project is studied to communicate in the best possible way the Retailer’s style and personality and to involve the consumer in a unique and exclusive Store experience. The Makris Team is composed of designers, architects and set designers joined by a common passion for perfection in combining unusual shapes to materials of different types and finishes. A futuristic vision which exalts lighting as a decisive factor in the creation of an evocative atmosphere and as an emblem of enthralling environments with a strong visual identity.

Think before acting
. A mantra which is lost in the personal history of every human being and which describes the daily statement of every Makris professional. The attempt to put an idea into something concrete, making it a true response. Turning it into light.

Imagination becomes a perceptible an perceptive experience. From concept and the choice of materials up to installation, Makris creates the ideal lighting universe for every type of environment.

Time, space and realisation. The reality of a high precision laboratory: a daily production in different sizes and finishes of customised products and those available in the catalogue. 

From design to product, to the end technical-lighting project. Not in separate steps, but forming part of a single fluid and undivided thought. In this way, the complete vision of Makris is successful and unique, highlighting the customisation of every work process as the manufacturing brand.



An innovator and a visionary. Intuitive and global.
Thirty years of experience in the lighting scene have enabled him to achieve excellent technical and commercial know-how.
With his positive approach, Massimiliano is the driving force and mind of project MAKRIS



Da sempre nel mondo del lighting, nel suo percorso professionale ha maturato esperienze in aziende internazionali e italiane. Le sue competenze relazionali, abbinate alla conoscenza tecnica e commerciale, fanno di lui l’interlocutore ideale per i progettisti e il trait d’union del progetto Makris.



Architect, artist and musician. Like each note in a musical score, every detail of his projects is precise and never discordant.
With remarkable helpfulness and professional expertise, he accepts and wins all challenges. Andrea is the fuel and soul of project MAKRIS.



Scenic artist and scenographer.
His creations are designed and assembled to make his thoughts perceptible. Matteo exploits his knowledge of metallurgy and sculpture to experiment with and use innovative materials and technologies.
An unusual presence that has perfectly integrated into the group, Matteo is both the fuel and the hand of project MAKRIS.